Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Gaga for You!

I suppose you could say I'm a glutton for punishment, but nothing gets me motivated like the tag "experienced" in a pattern description.

Well, this time, I almost met my match!

You know, "Vogue Knitting" has been around for eons but I'd rarely seen a "Vogue Knitting.. Crochet" mag, so when I spied this one (sporting Jennifer Flaven Stallone on the cover, no less) I snapped it up. It's just chock full of gorgeous crochet patterns, some labeled "very easy" others, "experienced". Of course, knowing me and my love of puzzles, I was instantly drawn to the "experienced" patterns. I must confess that I never actually tried one until now and let me tell is one of those, "I'll sleep on it" kind of deals! Whew! They weren't kidding when they labeled it "experienced". Honestly... if you aren't good at reading minds, DON"T attempt this pattern! (lol)

I've been working on it now for 2 days and as I near completion, I have a new found respect for designers. Pattern writing is no easy task and when you've got a pattern with as many twists and turns as this one I can fully understand why the designer would think that only an experienced person would understand some of the tiny bits of information left out. I mean, after all, the pattern took up two single-spaced pages of the magazine and part of a third page.

Now, take into account that I DIDN'T use the yarn or the hook size recommended ( yeah, I'm a rebel like that) the finished garment has more "umph" to it because it's a 4 ply cotton yarn.

So, now that I see that I've conquered this one, it's on to the next "Experienced" pattern ( Ha! I laugh in your face!)......

a dramatic 3/4 length granny square jacket in beige and black. Gorgeous!

I've never seen a "Vogue Knitting... Crochet" magazine since but I'm sure having fun making all the fabulous creations in this one!