Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aspen Moon Arts

Exquisite yarn @reasonable Prices!

As she puts it, Aspen Moon was "enchanted with art of all forms" when she was younger.
Having been creative all her life, she paints, knits, weaves, quilts, makes jewelry and of course spins some of the most beautiful yarn on Etsy. Her biggest passion has been textiles for as long as she can remember , so it was only natural that she began spinning yarn, creating beautiful skeins like "Swirled Amethyst" (above).

A self-described "textile happy fool" Aspen Moon
has been spinning fiber since 2004 in East Tennessee where hand crafts are common-place. Her first drop spindle cost a mere $5.00 and by the second week of trying her hand at it, she thought, "Is THAT all there is to it?"

Spring Wish

Silver Cherry

Satin Earth

Cream-colored handspun llama

Lollipop Cloud

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