Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crazy Quilt

I saw a quilt years ago called a "Crazy Quilt" which used a free-form technique of simply crocheting whatever you felt at the moment. Each square, line, or squiggle was added to part of the quilt wherever you chose and the quilt grew until it was the size needed. There is no pattern and , I suppose, that's what makes this so much fun! You can relax and just see where the quilt leads you. I've been working on this one longer than I'd care to admit but each time I pick it up it appears new and I seem to see another part of it that I'd forgotten about creating. One day it will be finished and I'll mail it off to Chicago to a dear friend and fashion designer. I know she'll be shocked and, hopefully, very happy that she'll have a treasure to pass along.

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